Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Keep Your Chicken, I'll fill My Own Pot Thank You

What could be wrong with a nation filled with happy, well fed, hand holding, Kumbaya singing citizens? Well, nothing. It would be wonderful! Those in our country who espouse socialism paint a picture of peace, harmony, and equality. The basic ideals of socialism are actually similar to the instructions given to the Corinthian church by the apostle Paul. So why are so many Americans opposed to socialism? The devil is in the details.
The form of socialism being proposed today would take from the rich and distribute to the poor. If you are poor, that might sound like a great idea, until you consider the long term effects of this proposal. For starters, the rich are for the most part rich because they worked hard and invested wisely. To take from them to give to those who are lazy or foolish is both morally and socially wrong. Now I realize that not everyone who is poor is not foolish or lazy. Many are unskilled, uneducated, or unfortunate. I was once unskilled and uneducated. I was on the road to poverty, but I didn't like that destination. So, I got off that road and pursued first a skill set so I could make a decent living and have a chance to pursue an education. I worked for many years before I was in a position to go to college. I went to college when I was 36 years old with 2 children. I had to drop out in the middle of my nursing education and work for a year due to complications with my wife's pregnancy, but I went back and finished my education with 3 children and a wife who worked 12 hour night shifts. I am now an educated professional and proud to call myself a Registered Nurse. My point is that many of the poor are that way due to a lack of self motivation. Education is available to anyone; in fact, the poorer you are the less it will cost you. Don't envy the rich, get out there and make your own fortune.
The next thing to consider is that the rich provide jobs. I work for a hospital owned by a company that owns many hospitals. It is a for profit company with numerous shareholders. The company is owned by rich people. These rich people's desire for success is what provided a job for me. These folks worked hard to earn money and invested wisely in my company. Taking away their income and giving it to others removes their motivation to succeed. If they don't succeed, I don't have a job. So many Americans today forget that the wealth and success of America is dependent on our free enterprise system. This system rewards those who work hard. Some argue that the wealth of the rich is built upon the backs of the poor workers. DUH! That's how it works people. Most Americans help earn money for the rich and earn an honest living along the way. What's wrong with that??
The rich pay taxes. Fact: 80% of all tax revenue is payed by the top 5% of wage earners. Fact: The top 50% of wage earners pay 100% of taxes. Fact: The bottom 50% of wage earners pay no taxes. So, if you take from the rich and put everyone on even ground, who pays taxes........figure it out yet??..........YOU! I promise you that the government will never give up it's cash cow known to us as the Federal Income Tax. That means that everyone will either have to pay a painfully high tax rate to support the government, or the government will have to "nationalize" all major industry to generate income. That means we will all work for the government. No big deal right? At least we have jobs; however, if we all work for the government then there is no hope of becoming wealthy (Just ask anyone who has ever worked for the government). So what is the motivation to succeed? There is none. How fast and efficient was the drivers licence office the last time you were there? How about the Social Security Administration? IRS? They all suck! Do you know why? It's because they know that they will get paid the same no matter how much work they do, and they there will always be an endless supply humanity suffering in long lines to get their cheerful (tongue firmly in cheek) services. We all become just another brick in the wall.
The long and short of this all is that the America that is envied around the world can not exist as a socialist state. The nation that has taken in so many of the worlds huddled masses can not continue to do so as a socialist state. The "American Dream" will cease to exist in a socialist state. There are those who are helpless who need help. I believe with all my heart that we can and should help them. The widow, the orphan, the infirm (a 23 year old with Degenerative Disk Disease is not infirm!), and those affected by some disaster. Those who choose not to work can starve, those who work the system can have their Lexus repossessed, and those that abuse the system can rot in jail! I am sick of paying for them to exist as parasites on the public teat. Oh, and if you are standing there with your hand out, don't bitch about what's put in it! So I say no thank you Washington. Keep your chicken. I will go out and work for my own thank you!


  1. Very well said J.R. You are such a smart man.:)

  2. You are a very intelligent man J.R., more need to open their eyes and see reality, as you have. My grandfather grew up dirt poor in West Texas, he busted his ass in the U.S. Army, and worked hard so he could make sure his kids went to college. No they are not rich, but they, and I, are doing very well in this screwed up world, simply because our family knows how to work hard and not expect everything to be given to us without working for it.

  3. Great insight, JR! Thanks for writing this. May it motivate and inspire the masses to get off their asses! LOL! Keep writing, dude!